Brisbane Airshow - L-39 Albatross

L-39 Albatross

The two seater was designed in the late 1960’s for primary and advanced training including firing practice. There is an estimated 2800 L-39 Albatross produced, having served in over 30 air forces around the world, being the most widely produced and safest jet trainer in the world. 

It is currently used by the Breitling Jet Team – the largest display team in Europe – and has featured in numerous movies including James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies.

This aircraft is a dream to fly, with subsonic aerobatic maneuvers completed with grace and effortless efficiency. With the combination of a maximum speed of 872km/h and the panoramic visibility in all conditions, you’ll feel as fast and powerful as the aircraft itself.

The L-39 is incredibly agile and you’ll be spiraling through the skies with G-forces of up to 6.5. This aircraft is more than capable of all the basic positive-G jet maneuvers: aileron rolls, barrel rolls, loops, Cuban-8s, Immelmanns and Cloverleafs. 

Flying an L-39 is the real deal.

Length: 40ft.
Wing Span: 31ft.
Length: 40ft.
Maximum Speed: 485 mph
Number Built: 2800+
Number Still Airworthy: Unknown number in military service. At least 300 flying in private ownership.
Armament: Up to 2,425 pounds of weapons on four underwing hardpoints, including bombs, 57- or 130-mm rocket pods, gun pods, a five-camera reconnaissance pod, or two fuel drop-tanks. Centerline point carried a pod-mounted 23-mm twin-barrel GSh-23 cannon with 180 rounds.
Range: 528 miles with internal fuel; 995 miles with external tanks.
Ceiling: 37,730 ft

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